A Biomedical Scientist by trade, (over 25 years and counting), I’ve always wanted to work with, and help animals. I started following my passion by completing the inaugural Canine Massage Course in the UK with Caninenergy, and following that up with their Myofascial Release course. I then fell down the rabbit-hole of East-meets-West therapies, and studied Acupressure for Small Animals with the Tallgrass Institute, and went on to study Seated Acupressure (human this time) with the European School of Shiatsu, and then on to study Human Shiatsu.

I now offer Seated Acupressure and Myofascial Release to small businesses, alongside my day job of working in a lab as a Biomedical Scientist. My goal, however, is to rehabilitate animals for a living.

We’ve had chinchillas for the past 22 years, and rescued most of them. We had a grand total of 8 at one point, and our oldest boy was nearly 26 when he died last year. I realised then that there might be some knowledge I could pass on to people to help them on their chinchilla journey, so thought about starting a blog. This year I finally got the time to start as my therapy business had to take a back seat to the pandemic. So, here I am…I hope you find something useful.

If you’ve made it this far, gold star! Here’s some other boring background details about me: I also have an Masters Degree in Sports Science, a PostGrad Diploma in Health Informatics, and a PostGrad Cert in Clinical Chemistry. I support Liverpool Football Club; and am a qualified Veterinary and Human Thermographer, offering thermal imaging to enable clinicians to diagnose soft tissue injuries on both humans and animals.